1. Innovit

Company: Innovit
Phone: +61 2 8020 2000 (Sydney)
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.innovit.com

Company: B2BE NZ Pty (Innovit's Agents for New Zealand)
Contact: Michelle Newsome
Phone: +64 9 912 2204
Email: [email protected]e.com
Address: Level 3, 110 Symonds Street, Auckland 1110
Website: www.b2be.com

Innovit is global provider of software solutions for Master Data Management (MDM), Product Information Management (PIM), Global Data Synchronisation (GDSN) and NPI Workflow Management solutions.

Innovit helps customers enhance revenue streams, reduce supply chain costs, improve online product marketing effectiveness, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Innovit's experience extends across a broad range of industries that include Food, Liquor, Grocery, Hardware, Healthcare, Stationery, Automotive, Industrial and Safety products. This wealth of industry knowledge allows Innovit to help our clients improve their efficiencies around validating and managing master data.

Innovit's solutions are ‘Certified for GS1' and allow rapid adoption of the GS1 System.

Need to manage data on the National Product Catalogue?
Install a free trial of Innovit’s iICE Validator for National Product Catalogue.  Contact Innovit on [email protected] or B2BE on [email protected]  


iICE Validator for National Product Catalogue  
The iICE Validator is a user friendly data validation tool designed for suppliers to ensure that their product catalogues meet compliance with the National Product Catalogue.

iICE Validator allows the user to simply 'load and review' catalogue data with the aid of intuitive graphical validation reports and error logs. Once data has been validated successfully, it can be uploaded to the GS1 system.

  • Can be downloaded, installed and upgraded via the Internet
  • Simple to use desktop software
  • Provides behind the firewall data control and validation
  • Certified by GS1 to support the National Product Catalogue.

iICE Master Data Manager (MDM) 
iICE MDM is a pre-configured MDM/PIM system specifically developed for larger suppliers with more complex catalogue management requirements. Innovit’s iICE MDM software brings immediate value by helping suppliers improve product data management processes.

iICE MDM incorporates approval workflow, enabling companies to implement company wide ‘control and disciplines' for the management of all forms of product master data. Includes workflow processes for New Product Development (NPD) and data validation, loading and publication to GS1 data pools such as the National Product Catalogue.

  • Eliminate spreadsheets, manual processes and redundant data entry
  • Automate import of product data
  • Manage products, catalogues, digital assets and relationships
  • Enable governance workflow for data maintenance and publication
  • Improve data quality and consistency
  • Syndicate clean product data to trading partners in different file formats.

iICE MDM (Data Recipients Module) 
The 'Data Recipient Module' available for iICE MDM is pre-configured to support the requirements of companies that need to download National Product Catalogue updates from their suppliers. These data recipients can validate, transform, workflow and feed 'clean' product data into their backend systems.

  • Certified by GS1 to support the National Product Catalogue
  • Full Product Information Management (PIM) capability
  • Workflow Management to review and approve incoming supplier catalogue updates
  • Data transformation and integration to back-end merchandise systems.


Consulting and Implementation
Technology in itself is not the answer to effecting change. As part of the overall solution, Innovit provides the following services to assist our clients and partners to realise the maximum benefits of using our iICE technologies.

  • Strategy Development for Product and Master Data Management
  • Implementation Consulting
  • Supplier/Customer Enablement
  • Training and Education
  • GS1 Implementations

In seeing the need to acquire a new solution for managing product data, many organisations have also realised that their existing work practices need to be improved. To this end, Innovit also offers industry-specific knowledge and expertise that helps clients exploit the capabilities of iICE for optimising their supply chain.

Customer Testimonials

Innovit has a proven track record for successful National Product Catalogue implementations. Our company prides itself in removing the complexities around the GS1 system, and providing a combination of consulting, educational forums, as well as certified GS1 software. Furthermore, sustainability is enshrined in each project undertaken by our professional services team.

Take the word of Innovit's customers:

"Bic's stationery catalogue is complex to manage as a number of our products are sold in multiple configurations to suit the needs of our retail customers. iICE Validator from Innovit was chosen as a GS1 Certified product that would make catalogue maintenance more efficient, as well as sustainable."
Brendan Carty: Bic Australia (Stationery and Grocery)

"Innovit's iICE Validator for the National Product Catalogue software has provided our organisation with a system that allows multiple users to easily, quickly and confidently manage our master data. We're now working towards compliance with many other customers that utilise the National Product Catalogue data pool."
Ian Baines: Horticom New Zealand (Hardware)